In fall of 2006, NJIT received a three-year institutional transformation grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for its proposal to advance NJIT women faculty by facilitating collaborative research networks.

The most serious problem facing women in science and engineering today is isolation. Integrating new virtual networks (V-Net) with traditional face-to-face networks, NJIT ADVANCE uses a variety of strategies to address this issue, linking women science and engineering researchers to each other, to male peers, and to female counterparts in industry and government. By stimulating and supporting interdisciplinary research synergy in this manner, ADVANCE helps to expand women’s social and professional networks, improve information flow, stimulate social capital formation--and, over time, increase the representation of women in leadership positions within the university community.


Nancy Steffen-Fluhr, PhD PI

Brook (Yi-fang) Wu, PhD Co-PI

Roxanne Hiltz, PhD Consultant

Anatolity Gruzd, Phd Consultant

Regina Collins, PhD Student Research Assistant

Christopher Markson, PhD Student Research Assistant

Mingzhu Zhu, PhD Student Research Assistant


For more information, visit the ADVANCE website or

contact Dr. Nancy Steffen-Fluhr, PI, at or 973-596-3295.