Profile of Andrea

Hi, my name is Andrea RoeserAndrea Roesar

My hometown:

West Milford, NJ

My high school:

West Milford Township High School

My Major:

Biology and Mathematical Sciences

My hobbies/interests:

Photography, reading, playing with my dog, bike riding, and doing art projects

My favorite movie:

Cast Away

Why I came to NJIT:

I chose to attend NJIT because of the reputation of the staff, the generous scholarships available and the small class size.

 Clubs, groups I belong to:

What I love most about NJIT:

The accessibility of the professors

My advice to you as a first year student: 

Remember that as a first year student, everyone is in the same situation as you are - so make friends, be open, and try to go to as many club meetings as you can to find the right fit for you.

Feel free to e-mail me at: