Profile of Brittani

Hi, my name is Brittani FryBrittani Fry


East Berlin, PA (Gettysburg area)

High School: 

Bermudian Springs High School in York Springs, PA




scrapbooking, Card Making, Paper Crafts and Sports

Favorite Movie: 

Lion King

Why I came to NJIT: 

I came to NJIT because the second I walked onto campus, I got a feeling that I got nowhere else.  It is far enough from Mom and Dad, but close enough that I can take a weekend trip home.  Most of all, I know the architecture program’s reputation will get me far.

Groups I belong to:

  • Korea Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Alpha Sigma Tau

What I love most about NJIT: 

size, location, and school pride

My advice to first year students: 

You’ll hear it a million times before you graduate, but it’s because it is true:  GET INVOLVED!  Take risks, ask questions, be bold, and remember you came to college for an education, not solely to party.

What do you wish you had invented? 

Gloves for people with short fingers and big hands.

The most fascinating place you have ever visited?


The Best Surprise I've ever had was?

I went to an award ceremony for an architecture award and my teacher secretly nominated me for the "Student's Excellence Award", which I am one of only a few women to ever receive it.

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