Is a Career in Science, Engineering or Technology Right for You?

Do you like to?

  • Solve problems and make things happen
  • Work with people
  • Design things
  • Be creative
  • Help people
  • Learn about different countries and cultures

Do you care about?

  • Making a difference
  • Protecting the environment
  • Making the world a better place
  • Having lots of job choices
  • Doing things that you love
  • Having money and job security
  • Having time for friends and family

Do you want a career that will allow you to explore all of these options and more?  If so, a career in science, engineering or technology is right for you.

Careers in engineering and technology are diverse, exciting, creative, rewarding and fun.  Engineers and scientists help individuals, and society as a whole.  They make our lives safer, healthier, easier, better.  They improve the environment, develop new medicines, investigate airplane crashes, design tennis rackets, create new medical instruments, and even help produce and manufacture the make-up you wear or the chocolates you eat! 

  • Science and engineering degrees prepare you to think, solve problems, be creative and understand new technologies.
  • Try your hand at using the problem solving skills that engineers and scientists rely on every day. Click here to play the game.

Consider the benefits of a science, engineering or technology career:

  • Careers in engineering and science are HOT careers--careers that will continue to grow in the near future.  According to, technology and engineering are in the Top Five for the most job opportunities and the highest salaries.

  • You have many CHOICES when you go into science or technology.

  • You can be a chemical engineer, environmental engineer, civil engineer, biomedical engineer, and many others;
  • You can be a web designer, a systems analyst, an operations manager, a database administrator, a documentation specialist, among hundreds of other choices;

  • You can work in a corporation, a hospital, a university; in industry, in a non-profit organization, in a small business, or a multi-media company.

Don’t know what engineers or scientists do? 

Click here to find out more about all the different kinds of engineering and science and listen to the voices of women engineers and university students as they talk about their experiences.

Want more good reasons to consider a career in science or technology?  There are plenty!

  • You can earn a good salary. 

The average salary for an engineer with a bachelor’s degree ranges from $56,383 to $67,800, depending on the type of engineering field.  This is significantly higher than salaries for graduates with bachelor’s degrees in many other fields. Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers, Spring 2012 national Salary Survey of college and universities.

  • Technological degrees are a strong foundation if you plan to go on to medical school, law school or for an advanced degree in management.
  • Engineers and scientists don’t work alone; they work in teams, with women and men of every ethnicity, from all over the world.

This means that women with strong communication and interpersonal skills are natural leaders in science and engineering. Click here to meet some of them.

  • Science and technology are flexible careers.

You can have a career and have a life and have a family life, too.

We encourage you to check out the possibilities in science, engineering, and technology.  You may be surprised to find how well these careers match your own interests and talents.