Faculty and Staff

The Murray Center works to ensure the sustainable advancement of NJIT women faculty and staff by facilitating individual growth, community interaction, and institutional transformation.

In partnership with the Committee on Women’s Leadership (CWL), the Murray Center has successfully advocated for new policies and programs that help the university attract and retain NJIT women faculty, including:

  • a tenure clock pause option for faculty after the birth or adoption of a child;
  • an on-site child care center;
  • an Active-Service-Modified-Duties Policy under which a faculty member who is the primary caregiver of a newly-born or adopted child can opt to be relieved of service and teaching responsibilities for one semester, without reduction in pay or benefits.

The Murray Center supports the efforts of NJIT’s NSF-funded ADVANCE program to diminish the isolation that many women in science and engineering experience, at NJIT and across the country. The program integrates new virtual networks (V-Net) with traditional face-to-face networks, linking women researchers to each other, to male peers, and to female counterparts in industry and government. The goal is to:

  • stimulate and support interdisciplinary research synergy;
  • expand social and professional networks;
  • improve information flow;
  • facilitate social capital formation…

…and, over time, increase the representation of women in leadership positions within the university community.

The Murray Center partners with groups across campus and the local community to guarantee that existing resources, policies, networks, and professional organizations essential for the success of faculty and staff at a technological university are easily accessible to the university community in a central location.  Such as:

Committee on Women's Leadership (CWL) ACE-Network
Child Care Center Employee Assistance Program
Faculty Council Faculty Handbook
Active Duty / Modified Service Policy Tenure Clock Stoppage Policy

The Murray Center supports the success of all women at NJIT by increasing opportunities for networking and community building.  As part of this effort, Murray Center co-sponsors a number of events each year, including:

  • a Welcome Breakfast which introduces new NJIT women employees to their peers;
  • a mid-year celebration to raise money for the Murray Center undergraduate and graduate women’s scholarship fund; 
  • a spring skills-based workshop on career advancement strategies and resources; 
  • brown-bag seminars for women faculty and staff throughout the year on a variety of topics. 

To inform faculty and staff about upcoming events, resources and professional opportunities, the Murray Center maintains NJIT faculty, staff and alumnae e-mail distribution lists.   

To add a relevant resource to the Murray Center Website or advertise an upcoming event that NJIT women should know about, please e-mail a brief description and the URL to womenscenter@njit.edu.