Women's History Month

In March of every year, NJIT joins institutions across the country in celebrating Women’s History Month, an occasion to remember and honor the contributions and accomplishments of women throughout the world, past and present.

Before March became Women’s History Month, it was a single day, March 8th.  In 1975, The United Nations began sponsoring International Women’s Day to honor women around the world, particularly working women.  International Women’s Day was initially inspired by a New York City demonstration on March 8, 1857 by a group of women garment and textile workers who were protesting low wages, the twelve-hour workday, and uncompensated increased workloads. 

In 1978, a California school district started Women’s History Week to promote the teaching of women’s history.  In 1981 a resolution was issued proclaiming a national Women’s History Week.  It became so popular that in 1987, Congress expanded the celebration to a month; and March was declared Women’s History Month.

By means of programs, speakers, events and educational materials, every March the Murray Center partners with members of the NJIT community to recognize and celebrate the historic accomplishments of women.  Click below to view previous Women’s History Month Calendars.